Natural Cures for a Baby's Stuffy Nose - More Than Home Remedies

If you have ever had a baby who can hardly breathe because of a stuffy nose from a cold, you know just how miserable life can be at times. The baby is miserable, and the only thing for him or her to do is cry.


When a baby's nose is "full," you can simply empty it with a nasal aspirator. But, if the poor little thing's nose is just swollen inside and stopped up from a cold, this won't fix things. To help an infant or a small child safely and naturally when they are stuffed up, you can use a nasal spray that you may never have heard of. This nasal spray is pure salt water. Check the label before you buy any nasal spray for an infant or a small child - even the "children's" cold medicine will usually have something on the label about not using it on a child under six years old.

You could make your own if you are desperate and very handy, using 3/4 of a teaspoon of salt to a glass of water. Or, you could try Ayr Baby's Saline Nose Spray, Drops, or Little Remedies for Noses Saline Spray/Drops.

Saline sprays containing menthol or eucalyptus should not be used for babies or children under 5 since it is reported that the respiration of them can be slowed down or even stopped if menthol or eucalyptus (or peppermint oil) is close enough for the baby to even breathe it.

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