Natural Ways to Stop a Nosebleed - More Than Home Remedies

A natural nosebleed remedy is to sit in an upright position and pinch on the lower end of the nose (the soft fleshy part) closed for 5 to 15 minutes continuously. When the bleeding has stopped, breathe through your mouth for a while. Do not blow your nose or remove any clots for the next four hours.

In rare cases, pinching the nose is not enough to stop the bleeding. In those cases, you can sniff some Yarrow Powder. This helps blood to clot, heals mucous membranes, and reduces inflammation.

NOTE: Pregnant women should avoid this herb as it may induce uterine bleeding or miscarriage.

NOTE: People with hayfever should not use Yarrow since it may cause a serious allergic reaction.

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To prevent future nosebleeds, use a humidifier to add moisture to a dry environment. You can also moisten the inside of the nose with liquid Vitamin E (cut open a capsule), or Vaseline using a Q-tips cotton swab before bedtime. Taking Vitamin C will strengthen your blood vessels.

Some unusual causes of nosebleeds include a girl's first menstrual period, chemical irritants (like ammonia), too much blowing or sneezing, overuse of nasal spray medicines, uncontrolled high blood pressure, Leukemia, liver disease, a tumor, over-use of medicines that interfere with blood clotting (including aspirin), or drug use.

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