Natural Relief From Sius Infection - More Than Home Remedies

To cure a sinus infection, start with 2 tablespoons of Pure Almond Carrier Oil and add five drops of Lavender Essential Oil, five drops of Pine Essential Oil, five drops of Eucalyptus Essential Oil, and five drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil. Mix this well, then warm the mixture. Two drops of this warm mixture can be put inside the ears three times a day (if the eardrum has never been punctured or perforated). For a person who has had (ever) a perforated or punctured eardrum, follow this method by applying the liquid with a q-tip inside the ear instead of adding drops inside the ear canal to achieve much of the healing and pain relief.

In addition, mix one drop of Eucalyptus Essential Oil, one drop of Tea Tree Essential Oil, and one drop of Pine Essential Oil together. Warm this mixture. Then, add the mixture to four cups of hot water. Dip in a clean cloth. Then, use the cloth as a hot compress over the sinus areas with your eyes closed and your head slightly elevated to encourage drainage. Be careful that the cloth is not hot enough to burn. Note: pine essential oil may cause high blood pressure to elevate further.

You can also use your hot mixture (very hot) for steam therapy. With your eyes closed, put your head 8 inches above the mixture and a towel over your head to form a tent. Breathe deeply and slowly for ten minutes, and do this three times a day.

Sleeping with your head elevated will encourage drainage during the night. Eliminating sugar from your diet will help immensely. And, blowing your nose hard results in pushing more blockage farther up the cavities than out your nose.

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