Natural Cures For a Stye - More Than Home Remedies

A stye typically results from a bacterial infection or from a clogging of the oil glands around the eyelashes. Styes can also come from touching your eye with a finger that was recently in your nose since staph germs live in the nose. A stye is usually "harmless," despite its appearance.

One stye home remedy is to apply a clean warm (not hot) wet washcloth to the infected eye. Hold the compress there for five minutes, and repeat three or four times a day. The heat will draw the pus to the front of the sty, and it will break open and drain. (A sty generally will open and drain on its own within a few days, but the heat helps it do that sooner.) These compresses also increase the blood supply to the area, helping the body fight the bacteria.

Or, get a tea bag wet in very warm water and place it on the sty. Let it stay for a few minutes. When you do this you will find that the sty will usually shrink to half its size. The tannic acid in the tea seems to help.

Continue applying compresses a few times a day even after the stye drains.

Never squeeze or try to pop a sty; it will be painful and may make the infection worse. Wash your hands after touching this eye or you can spread the bacteria to your other eye or someone else's eye.

Occasionally, one may occur inside the eyelid. Eyelid styes are more stubborn and usually require treatment by a doctor. They may need to be lanced under sterile conditions. You may need oral antibiotics if the stye is very large, abscessed or not responding to other treatment.

Never share eye make-up, especially if you’re prone to getting styes.

Contact lenses should not be worn while you have a stye. Or, your eye doctor may recommend replacing your contact lenses after the stye has healed to prevent recurrence or spread of the infection.

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