Natural Cures for Teething - More Than Home Remedies

No matter what some modern pediatricians might tell you, babies do usually get a diaper rash and diarrhea when they are teething. They may also drool, get a slight fever, and get grumpy, and they may even refuse to eat. The two best things you can do are to deal with the symptoms quickly and not worry too much. Talk to mothers and grandmothers who have raised several babies. You will be amazed at how almost all of their babies had the same symptoms, and that the symptoms went away after the tooth poked through.

Start treating at the first sign of a diaper rash. Wipe or wash the area, dry the area thoroughly, and apply zinc oxide (Desitin diaper rash ointment). And, change diapers as soon as they become wet or soiled.

Give baby Children's Advil (never aspirin) for pain and fever as needed.

Let baby chew on something cool as much as he wants. Get a washcloth wet with cold water, wring it out, and let baby chew on it until it gets warm. Then, wet the washcloth again with cold water and wring it out again. Some babies prefer it if the wet washcloth is frozen. Older babies can chew on popsicles, which is best done in the high chair because they drip a lot. Better yet, make your own "popsicles" by placing small amounts of apple juice in ice cube trays. Apple juice is healthier than most popsicles, and the apples will help to stop the diarrhea. Frozen yogurt will also help to stop diarrhea, and you can also freeze it in ice cube trays. Or, you can freeze a banana, which is also great for stopping diarrhea, and break it into small enough pieces that baby can't choke. Offer infant teething crackers or cookies to chew on to help the teeth come through the gums.

If baby doesn't want to nurse much while teething, put some of your own milk into ice cube trays. He could be getting some nutrition while numbing his gums.

Putting a drop of Lavender Essential Oil on the collar of baby's pajamas will ease pain a little, help calm him, and will help him be able to sleep.

Wash your hands and massage baby's gums gently if he is crying.

If baby starts getting a rash on his chin and/or neck, wash and pat it dry, then apply a thin coating of vaseline to protect the skin.

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