Natural Cures for a Toothache - More Than Home Remedies

For a toothache, soak a cotton ball with natural apple cider vinegar, place it on the tooth, then bite down on the cotton ball. This will not heal a cavity, but it will relieve the pain of a toothache until you can see a dentist. Rinse out your mouth after the pain is gone to protect the tooth enamel, but make sure that the water is not cold at all and not overly hot.

Peppermint Essential Oil can be used in place of natural apple cider vinegar. But, peppermint is not safe for everyone.
~ The respiration of a baby or child under 5 can be slowed down or even stopped if peppermint oil is close enough for the baby to even breathe it.
~ High blood pressure may be elevated by peppermint oil.
~ Peppermint oil may harm a pregnancy.

Another option for tooth pain is to use a teabag. Dip a teabag into hot water, remove the teabag, and let it cool down some. Then, put the wet teabag onto your aching tooth and hold it there by closing your mouth.

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