Natural Victorian Cures for Corns

FROM 1890

1) Srape a bit of common chalk, and put a pinch of the powder on the corn at night, binding it with a piece of linen. Repeat this for a few days, when the corn will come off in little scales.

2) Take a quarter cup of strong vinegar, crumb finely into it some bread. Let stand half an hour, or until it softens into a good poultice. Then apply, on retiring at night. In the morning, the soreness will be gone, and the corn can be picked out. If the corn is a very obstinate one, it may require two or more appliations to effect a cure.

3) Take a lemon, cut a piece of it off, then nick it so as to let in the toe with the corn. Tie this on at night so that it cannot move, and you will find the next morning that, with a blunt knife, the corn will come away to a great extent. Two or three applications will effect a thorough cure.

4) Boil a potato in its skin, and after it is boiled take the skin and put the inside of it to the corn, and leave it on for about twelve hours; at the end of that period the corn will be nearly cured.

5) Macerate the tender leaves of ivy in strong vinegar for eight to ten days, then apply to the corns by means of cloths or lint saturated with the liquid. In a few days the corns will drop off.

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