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Some good items to have on hand are granola bars or non-chocolatey (unless you don't mind the mess) energy bars. Granola bars do contain a lot of fat, but you won't be taking in much other fat without all those buttery sauces, fried eggs, etc. Fat is one good source of energy, as are the energy bars, and we all need some fat every day. Nuts are another source of fat and energy, and they keep for a long time.

Peanut butter goes a long way for sandwiches, but how long will your bread last? Fresh bread lasts only a few days on the kitchen counter, weeks in the refrigerator, and months in the freezer. Don't buy more sandwich foods than you will have bread for. At least some of the bread you stock up on should be wheat, 7-grain, or rye so you get some nutrition from it; white bread has none. There are even some old-fashioned ways to make bread using the campfire or fireplace that can still be found in scouting books, survival books, and camping books. Matzoh might replace bread in sandwiches.

Get an electricity generator. You may be able to afford one that could run the entire house. If not, you could at least use it for a breadmaker, toaster oven, or microwave oven, or even the refrigerator. There are also coffee and tea machines available that get water boiling hot in a minute so you would not have to build a fire every time you wanted a hot drink. It is not safe to run the generator inside the house or a closed garage.


Pretzels and chips are fun snack food, but they will cause you to drink more than normal, so limit them. One way to keep you from feeling thirsty as often is to suck on hard candy. These also keep your mouth moist with saliva, which cuts down on dental and gum problems. Some examples of better snack foods are cheesy crackers, raisins, and fruit roll-ups or dried fruit.

If you have a long-handled metal popper, you might add some popcorn to your food supply. There are ways to make popcorn besides a flat bag that cooks in the microwave. Real popcorn kernels can be cooked over an open fire, over the barbecue, or in the fireplace.


Honey can be kept forever if it is kept cool (not even refrigerated, just cool). It is not only good for sweetening lots of recipes, you can put it on bread or crackers for a big energy boost, and it is one of nature's medicinal foods. Honey has minerals, enzymes and amino acids that you probably won't be getting in your other foods. You can even apply it to wounds as an antiseptic. Mix in a little canned fruit or bottled jam, and you have a wonderful syrup for campfire hotcakes. But, don't feed honey to a baby.

Another medicinal food is natural apple cider vinegar . The medicinal uses for apple cider vinegar are almost endless, which can be found at The Wonder "Drug" for Yesterday and Today, and it can also be used for cleaning and bathing. It is said that robbers were able to steal from the houses of people who were lying dead from the plague because the robbers were drinking apple cider vinegar sweetened with honey every day - the mixture prevents a lot of diseases and stomach problems. You can take natural apple cider vinegar in tablets if you prefer. Garlic adds flavor to lots of recipes, and it is also a great germ killer to help prevent many diseases.


We all need a little water every day to survive, but you can get some of your liquid from fruit juices to also keep your diet balanced. Large families may be able to consume one of the big cans at one sitting, but juices also come in small boxes, cans and bottles for smaller families. Sodas are fun but they have no nutrition and are full of sodium, so limit them. Some campers brew coffee over a campfire. If you don't think you could handle that, you can stock up on instant coffee and powdered creamers.

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