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Natural Victorian Cures for Neuralgia Pain

FROM 1890

Neuralgia is an intense burning or stabbing pain caused by irritation of or damage to a nerve. The pain is usually brief but may be severe. It often feels as if it is shooting along the course of the affected nerve. Neuralgia can be triggered by a variety of causes, including tooth decay, eye strain, or shingles.

1) A very simple relief for neuralgia is to boil a small handful of lobelia in half a pint of water till the strength is out of the herb, then strain it off and add a teaspoonful of salt. Wring cloths out of the liquid as hot as possible, and spread over the part affected. Change the cloths often, as soon as cold, till the pain is all gone; then cover the place with a soft dry covering till perspiration is over, to prevent taking cold.

2) Procure a half-ounce of peppermint oil, and with a camel's hair brush, paint the parts of the face where the pain is felt.

3) Use a flat iron and vinegar (not an electric iron). The iron is heated until sufficiently hot to vaporize the vinegar, and is then covered with some woolen fabric, which is moistened with vinegar and applied at once to the painful spot. The application may be repeated two or three times a day. As a rule, the pain disappears in twenty-four hours, and recovery ensues at once.

4) A simple remedy for neuralgia is horseradish. Grate and mix it in vinegar, the same as for table purposes, and apply to the temple when the face or head is affected, or the wrist when the pain is in the arm or shoulder.

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