Be Prepared for a Man-Made or Natural Emergency



A good way to keep your survival kit together is to use new plastic barrels with tight-fitting lids. First get the barrels and lids clean and dry. Each barrel can hold quite a bid of essentials and keep them clean and dry. In an emergency, it will be much easier to get a few barrels out than all the necessary items separately.

Large plastic containers with tight-fitting lids can be used to store food items that come in paper boxes or sacks to keep them clean, dry, and free of bugs.

Keep your barrels and large plastic containers in the garage or a storage shed. Have all the larger items (camping stove, etc.) in the same area. Keep everything accessible at all times; don't put four bicycles and the lawnmower between your survival essentials and the exit. In an emergency, you may need to get all of these items out of the garage or shed quickly. None of your supplies is of any use if you are not able to get to it.

Food items should be stored separate from fuels and other items than could contaminate them.

Fuels are flammable and should be kept in appropriate containers. (Gasoline should only be stored in gasoline cans.) All fuels should be kept away from direct sunlight, heaters, pilot lights, the clothes dryer, or any other source of heat or open flame.

Put together a first-aid kit. A fishing tackle box can keep most of it in one place and can be moved quickly and easily. Or, you can buy a commercial first-aid kit.

Be sure to use and rotate your supplies (use oldest items first), and replace items as they are used up. Keep supplies clean and in working order. If you have a generator, run it as often as the manufacturer recommends to keep it in good order.


We have made up a list as a guide. A country dweller may have different needs than someone in an apartment in the middle of a city. Every situation is different, and everyone has their own special needs. Use the list as a guide to get yourself thinking about your own situation. Be sure to check out our articles and other pages.

The list is on the following page.

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