Natural Victorian Cure for Wounds, Cuts and Abrasions

FROM 1890

1) The best simple remedy for surface wounds, such as cuts, abrasion of the skin, etc., is charcoal. Take a large coal from the fire [not one soaked in lighter fluid from the barbecue], pulverize it, apply it to the wound, and cover the whole with a rag. The charcoal absorbs the fluid secreted by the wound, and lays the foundation of the scab; it also prevents the rag from irritating the flesh, and is an antiseptic.

2) Without waiting for it to stop bleeding, press the edges of the lacerated flesh together, and apply immediately a plaster made of soot and cream, binding it firmly on. This is not to be removed till healed.

3) It is generally known that geranium leaves are an excellent application for cuts, where the skin is rubbed off, and other wounds of that kind. One or two leaves must be bruised and applied to the part, and the wound will be cicatrized [scabbed over] in a short time.

4) When a nail or pin has been run into the foot, instantly bind on a rind of salt pork, and keep quiet till the wound is well. The lockjaw is often caused by such wounds, if neglected.

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